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How to Make Money After Quitting Your Job

When I quit my full-time job as General Sales Manager at a local dealership of an International car company on 2017, uncertainty and anxiety built up quickly.

I was happy that I could spend more time with Saehee (my daughter) but was concerned a tiny bit of my cash flow for us.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy (supposing that you don’t have a career waiting for you already after the resignation); but with the advent of the Internet, you just opened a pool of opportunities for you to make money after quitting your job.

I recently stumbled upon the blog of Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and I read one of her posts stating that she made roughly $91,000 in just one month of hustling online!

Holy cow! = mind blown

Here are some of the things that I did to make money after quitting my job (in different instances):

  • Social Media Management – this is what I’m currently working on. I love social media; I recognize its importance especially in the business industry. Everyone is on social media now. If you are in some type of a sales-related career path, you or your business should have a strong online presence to get more potential customers. Social media management is not just posting on the chosen platforms, rather, you have to maintain and create strategies to drive people in and encourage engagement with them.
  • Be a Freelancer – I personally love being a freelancer! I currently do freelance writing and I used to freelance hosting and sometimes events organizing. The beauty of being a freelancer is that you’re not tied to a specific company so you can take on as many projects as you can (earning as much as you can, too)! Other things that you can do freelance are selling cars (brand new or second hand), real estate etc.
  • Sell things online – I started out selling my pre-loved clothes, bags, and shoes on my personal Facebook account. The response was great, I was able to dispose and make money from the items that I didn’t want or needed anymore. I also went deeper by raiding flea markets and thrift shops to find items that I think were on demand online. I tried selling brand new merchandise on my online shop, too. You can sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark; Lazada, Shopee when you are in the Philippines. You can sell pretty much anything!
  • Tutor a subject – I made money from tutoring Koreans in the English language. I would take in a few hours of the day to tutor and I was doing it along with other freelance projects that I did. You may help someone work on their homework, prepare for an important exam etc.


Here are other ways to make money that I would like to try:

  • Organizing workshops – I have always been a fan and an advocate of continuous learning. One of the things that I like about being in Manila is the sea of workshops here and there, it’s something that I’d only in Iloilo (my hometown) once in a blue moon. Workshops can be on any topic, really.
  • Flipping houses – I started considering this after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” back in junior high. It taught me the value of owning assets that produce income. Flipping houses is not always easy, not quick in ROI, may require a huge capital, but can be highly profitable.
  • Create a course and sell it online – online courses are now getting much traction worldwide. I believe that each one of us has a certain topic that we have much (considerable?) knowledge, and I think that passing it on to someone who is thirsty for it is a good way to go. You can sell it on your blog or certain websites that offer a platform for you to do that like Udemy or Teachable.
  • Create ebooks – I follow enough people online who are earning big with selling their own ebook. It’s a great passive (sort of) income because you can literally have sales while you’re sleeping! What’s great about it too is that you only make it once, but it gives you income over and over again.
  • Have & maintain a successful blog – there’s a blog and there’s a successful blog.  The successful blog gives income through sponsorship, people buying your digital products, hire your services, affiliate links, ads etc. I’m the first to admit that I fell off the blogging bandwagon couple of times and I regret it. But there’s always sunshine after the rain. ?


The ways to make money after quitting your job that I mentioned above are great transitions from one job to another. You can even replace a 9-5 job with those combined and make more money!

Over to You

Did you have other ways to make money after quitting your job?

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