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How to Achieve Goals as a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM)

So you’ve decided to be a work-at-home mom.

Now what?!

Some people might think that being a work-at-home mom is easy. Well, they thought wrong. It may be comfortable (and prudent), but not easy.

As a work-at-home mom, you will still be balancing work and mom life. You will still be spending hours in front of your computer doing your assigned tasks and do household chores, as well.

When you have finally decided to become a work-at-home mom, what career would you want to pursue?

Nowadays, a lot of opportunities have opened to moms who chose to work at home. Thanks to technology and the rising number of companies, the demand for manpower is also increasing dramatically.

Data entry jobs, online tutorials, and virtual assistance services are just some of the in-demand jobs from home. You can also create your own online business by being a network marketer or a blogger among others.

Whatever work or business that you have chosen to engage in or whatever you want to do in life, there is that one thing that fuels you to do your best – GOALS.


WAHMs have goals, too.

Your goals can be – save for your children’s education, contribute to household expenses, to travel, to treat your husband to a spa, to buy that favorite bag of yours or to become a better WAHM and mother altogether.

Your goals are endless!

And the more goals you have, the more alive and persistent you become.

But how are you going to achieve those goals?

Here are some of my tips.


WRITE THEM DOWN. All of them. Big or small, long-term or short-term; it doesn’t matter.

When you write down your goals, they remind you of the things that you need to do. It ignites your consciousness, creativity, and productivity.

They will inspire you to do more and become more. When at times you’re losing track, losing hope or feel like giving up, you can always look back on your written goals and get excited again.

Psychology says that there is a higher percentage of achieving your goals when you write them down. This has something to do with how our brain works.

As you know, our brain is divided into right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere of the brain is our imaginative center while the left hemisphere is more logic-based.

When you just think of your goal, you are using the right part of your brain. But if you think of achieving something and then write it down, you are also tapping the logical side of your brain.

It sort of sends consciousness into your body that says, “I want this! I’m going to get this!”

Mind over matter, dear!

REVIEW YOUR GOALS EVERY DAY. This is something that I’ve recently been adapting and it’s doing wonders. It’s one thing that you have written down your goals, it’s another when you remind yourself of it daily by reading them.

The more it’s “in your face”, the more driven you are in achieving them.

It also sets your mind in the intention that you have to do small action steps toward achieving your goals.

SET DEADLINES.  There are goals that you can achieve over a month or two, and there are some that you can achieve for a long period of time.

Setting deadlines will give you that push to work hard and exert extra effort. When you set a deadline, you are motivating yourself. Motivation is the key to achieving your goals. It is your driving force of why you want to do something.

So never, ever lose that motivation.

If you have a long list of goals, divide them into short-term and long-term.

Assess yourself and be practical in sorting your goals out. Your short-term goals are those that you can achieve within a year. When you sort out your goals, it gives you a visualization of how close you are to reaching them.

Start now! Sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’.

GET ORGANIZED. A work-at-home mom has a lot of things on her plate. Husband, kids, the household and her job. Being organized can help you achieve your goals faster.

Set your goals.


Work on it.

Anticipate change and find ways on how to adjust for it. Manage your expectations and distractions.

The mother is usually the one in-charge in almost everything inside the house. Organize by taking note of the things that you are prone to forgetting (like paying bills).

Set your working schedule when the kids are in school or during their nap time so you can focus on finishing your task.

Set rules and follow them.

When things aren’t organized and conflicts are starting to arise within your family, there is a high probability that you can’t achieve your goal.

Learn to multi-task and manage your time. Make sure to spend enough time in achieving your goals without sacrificing your quality time with your family.

Don’t decrease the goal!

Increase your effort!

DISCIPLINE, LOTS OF IT! You can have the best goals with the best intentions to go with it, do everything that I suggested above – but without discipline, nothing will happen.

It’s the D-word that makes or breaks any goal.

It’s the culprit for people not achieving their New Year’s resolutions.


Do you have more tips on how to achieve your goals as a work-at-home mom?




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