South Cafe Molino Review

Part of being a work at home mom (WAHM) or more like a “work from anywhere” mom is to be able to pack my laptop and head on to coffee shops especially when my creative juices need a little bit of a “push”.

There’s something about coffee shops that make me feel like a genius when I work there. 

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten the kicks to make all of my mini coffee shop reviews on my Instagram Story into dedicated reviews here on my blog.

With that being said, let’s start with my new-found coffee shop called South Cafe in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite (Philippines).

(c) South Cafe Official Facebook page

This coffee shop is located in the same lot as the Caltex gas station in Molino Road.

I’ve been seeing South Cafe whenever I pass by the area on my way to SM Molino. I would always say, “I’ll go to you one of these days”; but when their official Instagram account followed my personal IG that just prompted me to finally make it happen.

South Cafe made this momma feel special so why not return the favor?! (Yes this tactic works in marketing, brands!)

Momma Geline “awra” pose! Ha 🙂

Coffee: 7/10 

I ordered Hazelnut Latte priced at 95php (approx. 2 USD) for this huge tumbler. The taste is okay but it can definitely be better. I think I’m looking for more coffee flavor in it if that makes sense.

I am not a pro in discussing coffee beans and whatnots so I just go with what my taste buds would tell me. But I’m happy with the size considering that it’s only 95php (affordable) – it lasted a few hours of sipping while working on my stuff.

Customer Service: 9/10

The employees are nice and “all smiles”. The person at the counter was patient enough to answer my questions about some of their products and about their branch.

WAHM Essentials:

  • WiFi Connection- South Cafe has a decent wi-fi connection. It allowed me to stream YouTube videos without lagging.
  • Charging – You can and it’s free but you can charge at the counter only. There are no sockets on the wall. I would advise bringing an extension cord so that you can charge from your table.


South Cafe sells pasta and other “pica-pica” to go along with their coffee, milk tea, yogurt and other beverages. Chips are also available for as low as 30php (approx. 0.60 USD) if you don’t want to purchase their signature dishes but still want something to munch on with your beverage.

I honestly think that this is smart and unique because I haven’t seen this in other coffee shops that I’ve been so far.

They also have board games available that you can enjoy playing with companions!

South Cafe Molino is open 11 AM- 11 PM daily.

Have you been to South Cafe Molino? How was your experience?









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