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8 Tips To Be Confident On Camera (Video Blogging)

I get asked so many times how I am able to come off natural and confident in my videos (YouTube or Instagram Stories). This is why I put together these tips on how to be confident on camera (video blogging/vlogging).

To start off (and answer what people have been asking me), I do have two decades of experience being in front of a camera and I also studied Broadcasting in college.

Two decades?! Well, let me give you a brief background.

My first-hand experience being in front of a camera was auditioning for Ang TV Kids (Iloilo chapter; this was the Going Bulilit type of show back in the day. This show produced Philippine celebrities like Angelica Panganiban, Camille & John Pratts, Patrick Garcia etc.) of the TV network, ABS-CBN.

I was six or seven years old.

They made me talk, dance and act in front of the camera. I got in but sadly, the network canceled the show even before we began taping/filming our first episode.

Fast forward to being a teenager, I became a TV host for GMA TV Network on their local variety show “Bongga” which is now defunct.

Our Independence Day episode of Bongga (GMA TV Network)

Then college came around, I decided to study Broadcasting, which furthered my knowledge of the technicalities of things. Things like how to project well on camera, how to handle the gigantic studio cameras, video editing, etc.

So now that I’ve laid out my credentials on this topic (Haha!), let’s move on to the tips on being confident in camera (video blogging/vlogging).

Be prepared before recording your video

If you have a topic to discuss on your video, make sure that you research the facts. It will not only build up your authority and credibility on the topic but it will also make you organized with your thoughts and words composition.

Plus, you will feel confident discussing the topic because you actually know what you’re talking about and you’re not just throwing things up in the air.

Think of the camera as your mom, your partner or your best friend

Or basically, anyone that you’re most comfortable talking to in person. Pretend that you are talking to that someone when you start recording your video because when you do this, your true personality shines through.

Look presentable

One of the reasons why people are afraid or not comfortable being in front of the camera is that they’re worried about how they will look.

And that’s okay!

I also feel this way at times so what I do is I put makeup on my face (sometimes a little bit, sometimes a full-face makeup especially when I’m recording a YouTube video).

I would brush my¬†hair so it will look neat since I’m not big on styling my hair.

You may opt for using really cute accessories or top to add some jazz to your video, too!

Practice with Instagram Live/Stories, Facebook Live/Stories or Snapchat

These live streaming video platforms are great avenues for you to practice being in front of a camera all the time without the pressure of video editing or making it look perfect.

The magic lies on the realness or rawness of the video which people love!


If you’re not passionate or interested in the topic that you’re discussing, your audience will also have a hard time being attentive to what you are saying.

Passion is what brings fire to anything. If we relate this to making videos, passion is what will bring out the best in your delivery and your personality too!

Video blog (vlog) for a month, daily

A study shows that it takes twenty-one days for humans to form a new habit. Once you video blog (vlog) every day for the next thirty-one days, you have already formed a new habit.

Whenever I don’t get to record videos on YouTube for a few months, it feels awkward when I do it again.

This was so true especially before Facebook or Instagram Lives/Stories were created.

In order to get out of the filming funk, I record a video daily and I also post it daily on YouTube.

This is my way to redeem myself and it works on erasing the awkward feeling that I get recording myself and talking to a camera again.

Don’t get pressured

Don’t think about how many people are watching you or will people ever watch your videos when you are trying to record a video.

Don’t worry if you will make a mistake because you can always edit your video. Whether you do it yourself, or you have someone else do it for you.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes progress.

Progress is definitely better than perfection!

This is the reason why video blogging (vlogging) works magically because it makes you practice the craft.

Yes, it is a craft.

Because, yes, anyone can record a video – but only those who mastered the craft will stand out.

Here’s the YouTube video that I made about how to be confident on camera (video blogging/vlogging):

Over To You

Are these tips to being confident on camera (video blogging/vlogging) helpful for you?

Do you have more tips for us?





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