Cafe Lanzo Review

Bacoor, Cavite (Philippines) is booming with coffee shops sprouting here and there. En route to SM Molino alone, I have been to six coffee shops by far. One of which I already have a review , this one and another one on the way soon (like next week!). Cafe Lanzo coffee shop is one of those that just “hit my eye” while passing by the area.

Then there’s the… “I’ll visit you soon” self talk that goes on in my head.

I went there quite “early”, around the time that the cafe opened, and there was one table occupied by two young girls.

I was impressed by the massive space that this cafe has.

It didn’t feel like you’re all crumpled in one area and you can have a bit of privacy either with a company or alone with your thoughts (like I did). 

The interior brand colors are neutrals, which I love, certainly exudes class.

I also saw a podium which is available for karaoke sessions.

I should have inquired more about this, but I forgot.

My bad. 

They have board games available for you and your tropa to enjoy.

Aside from coffee, the coffee shop offers a wide variety of drinks from smoothies, frappucino, milk shakes and the latest craze in the market, milk teas.

Iced Latte (Large), 130php – Nachos, 120php

Coffee & Food: 9/10

I ordered Iced Latte (approx. 3 USD) because I love me some lattes, ya know! Their latte is creamy but blends well with the coffee taste.

The nachos (approx. 2.50 USD), however, was bomb! They put onion which added flavor and sweet corn crumbs which added texture to the mix. It’s the first time that I had that kind of nachos.

Customer Service: 10/10

The cashier was amiable and was patient answering my questions for this blog post (which she didn’t know, by the way). I was excited because they had this little gadget that lights up when your order is ready.

Can anyone tell me what that gadget’s called at the comments section below?

Anyway, how can I  not be excited? It’s the first time that I’ve been to a coffee shop with that gadget being utilized. Ha! 🙂 

WAHM Essentials:

  • WiFi Connection – Cafe Lanzo coffee shop’s WiFi connection wasn’t available when I got there. Their WiFi is mounted on their ground level venue which is under renovation.
  • Sockets for charging gadgets – they have those bolted everywhere in the coffee shop and they don’t charge a fee if you use it. I was actually able to charge my phone while I was there.

Cafe Lanzo coffee shop is open Monday – Friday 11 A.M. – 12 M.N. ; Saturday – 2 P.M. – 11 P.M. ; Sunday – Closed.

It is located in Lagman-Garcia building, after Statefield School Bacoor if you’re coming from Molino Boulevard road.










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